Scarpe Italiane brand

The Scarpe Italiane brand was born over a decade ago in Vigevano.
Shoe manufacture and the city of Vigevano are a timeless combination, with the region being the heart of Italian leather work since the XIV century and thus evolving into an artisan tradition passed on from father to son for generations.

In 1866 the first mechanised shoemaking factory was built, which was unique in both the innovation it brought to the industry and due to its innovative and controversial use of an exclusively female workforce. From these humble beginnings, new designs such as the first rubber shoe were manufactured in 1929, tennis shoes introduced in the 1930s, and the high heel shoe presented to the world for the first time at the International Footwear Fair in January 1953.

During the 1960s, over 21 million shoes were produced each year, of which approximately half were destined for export to the world's capitals.

The Lombard city earned itself the title of world footwear capital in the open market, by means of the quality and volume of its production, as can be seen in the permanent exhibition held at the International Footwear Museum of Vigevano within the magnificent location of the Sforza Castle.

Even today, Vigevanese manufacturers conserve the artisan nature that has come to be associated with their production, maintaining the highest level of quality, accuracy of the workmanship, finishes and styles – with everything rigorously 100% Made in Italy.

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